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CD Industries manufacturers and supplies gears, flanges, shafts, crankshafts, rings, rolls, self-reinforced nozzles and tube sheets


Forge Shop

  • Range of open forging hammers, which enable single piece forging up to 5 MT
  • Closed die forging hammers and mechanical presses which enable us to forge items up to 80 Kgsin a single piece
  • Band saws with capacity to saw pieces up to 1000 MM
  • Numerous re-heating furnaces which are fitted with temperature control devices
  • Induction billet heaters for controlled heating of billets
  • Material handling equipment such as EOT cranes, manipulators and forklifts

Heat Treatment

  • Facilities capable of normalizing, quenching, hardening, tempering and solution annealing

Machine Shop

  • Range of lathes, VTL, CNC,CNC VTL, VMC, multi-spindle drills and other supporting machines

Manufacturing Range


Flanges (Open Forge)
Flanges (Closed Die Forge)
Upto 64" NB / 2500 LB Rating 
UPTO 12" 150 WNRF
Rings Upto 2200 mm OD
Tube Sheets / Blanks Upto 2200 mm OD
Rolls Upto 22" Dia
Shafts Upto 24" Dia
Crankshafts Upto 6 Cyl. max. WT. 2 MT
Pinions Upto 22" Dia
Gears Upto 65" Dia
Non-Standard Upto 5 MT Single Piece